LaneSense® Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keep Assist 

This available system measures your position within lane boundaries. If it detects an unintentional lane drift, it will alert you and correct the vehicle back into the lane. 

Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking 

This available system alerts you when it senses potential frontal impact. If you don’t respond and the risk continues, the system will automatically engage the brakes. 


Safe lane changes help everybody on the road.  Sensors in the available Blind Spot Monitoring system scan approximately one lane over on each side of your vehicle and will alert you with an illuminated icon and audible chime when a vehicle enters your blind spot zone.


( DisclosureOptional equipment shown.)

Optional equipment shown.

Keyless Enter n’ Go™ and Available Passive Entry 

No more fumbling for a key during inclement weather. With the key fob close by, you can unlock your vehicle by pulling one of the front door handles. To start the engine, just press the Start/Stop button while pressing the brake. 

Rain-Sensing Wipers 

This available system automatically activates the wiper blades when precipitation is detected. The system will then operate the wipers and adjust their speed based on rain accumulation. 

Automatic Headlamps 

This available feature delivers improved vision for the driver and increased pedestrian visibility for added safety and security under low-light conditions. The headlamps can be set to turn on and off automatically, depending on ambient light levels. 


Stay on your intended path, thanks to the Electronic Stability Control system and the thousands of micro-adjustments it makes every second. The system monitors steering input and vehicle motion and then applies brakes and reduces engine torque to help keep you safely headed in the direction you want.

Security Alarm 

A panic button is included on the key fob. Push the button to trigger the horn and lights and draw attention to yourself when needed. 

Hands-Free Connectivity and Control 

Uconnect® Voice Command allows you to answer the phone and control music and entertainment features, without taking your hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. 

SiriusXM Guardian™ 

This mobile app allows you to use your smartphone to lock or unlock doors, start your vehicle, sound the horn or flash the lights from nearly any location. You can even use the app to help find your Compass in a crowded parking lot.